Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Soldotna

We are now in Soldotna, AK which is famous for the abundant fish action. Although we don't fish, we certainly like watching those who do and we certainly enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I really didn't get to see as much of Homer as I wanted to see because for about 36 hours I had some sort of "throwing up" illness. I was down for the court for about 24 hours and just now am beginning to feel normal.

We are now boondocking in a Fred Meyer parking lot. There are about 20 other RV units here. We'll be here for until Monday for sure. Just when I was getting in the trailer, I noticed that there was a split in one of the tires. It will be Monday before we can get it replaced. Lucky for us, the Fred Meyer allows us to unhook from the Tundra so we are able to get around and see the area without worrying about the trailer tire.

We have already discovered a wonderful bakery, "Moose in on the Loose" which I'm sure we will return to each day. I had a pecan caramel something and Hollie had an apple fritter. We also found a place that had one of the best burger platters that I've ever tasted. It might have something to do with not having eaten anything in a couple of days.

Between Homer and Soldatna we visited a Russian Orthodox chuch which was very unusual and had a beautiful and very interesting cemetery.

I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to post to my blog as I have about to run out of battery. I will attempt to post pictures on some of my previous blog posts.

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