Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beautiful two days in Fairbanks, AK

We have been in Fairbanks, AK for the past two days and the weather has been fantastic. The highs have been in the low 80s with very low humidity. Each night I have worn a jacket. Considering the temperature at home in Hattiesburg, MS is close to 100, I’m really enjoying this. Once again, we stayed in a Wal-mart parking lot with many close friends. Hollie counted about 40 RVs and there may have been some who left before he arose for the day. We are trying to do this trip on the cheap. Considering the cost of gas in Canada and also here in AK, we need to save any way we can.

We were able to get our Toyota Tundra 5000 mile checkup done and they gave us a license plate bracket since we did not have one and Hollie thought it would be an attention getter to drive around Hattiesburg with something from Fairbanks.

Yesterday when I was getting ready for my run, someone knocked on the trailer. When I opened it there stood a women and she said she just had to talk to someone from MS. It turns out that she is from just outside Philadelphia, MS where she owns 400 acres and a house. She had been a teacher in Fairbanks for many years and had retired here. She has been back to MS once or twice a year and has kept her house all those years. She now has health problems and is moving back to MS. We had a great conversation and exchanged contact information. She is an avid golfer and I am an infrequent golfer (when I am injured and cannot run) so I thought we might get together once she makes it back to MS which will be about the time we get home.

I really wish we had arrived in Fairbanks a day earlier because they had the Midnight Run 10K and I really would have liked to do that. That will teach me to do more research because we could have worked our plans where we got here earlier. The times in my AG were really soft and I think I could have won.
Today we will drive to the Denali National Park area. When we were there last year, it was too cloudy to see the mountain and Hollie really wants to do that. Hopefully, we’ll get lucky.

I’m still working on posting pictures to this blog and to Facebook. I just need a good internet connection and the time.

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