Saturday, June 28, 2014

Denali and Fairbanks

We spent Wednesday and Thursday night in Denali National Park. This was our second time to visit here and we were so hoping to see THE MOUNTAIN! That did not happen. As some of you may have heard, this area has had record rainfall for the past week or so. It was so bad in the park that some of the remote sections of the park road washed out and people at the backcountry lodges had to be evacuated by plane and helicopter. We were at Savage River Campground and had no problems. The only wildlife sightings that we have had were 4 caribou.

We are now in Fairbanks at our second home (Walmart parking lot) with a couple dozen other RVers. We will be here tonight and tomorrow night and then head back down the Parks Highway to Denali Highway where we hope to have a view of THE MOUNTAIN. After one night there, we will continue to the Portage Glacier/Whittier area for a couple of days.

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