Saturday, July 20, 2013

Boondocking in the Walmart Parking Lot

It's not the most desirable place to spend the night, but there are times when we have no other option or we are too cheap to pay for campgrounds. That has been the case last night and will be tonight here at the Walmart in Aberdeen, WA. We were in the company of 6-7 other RVers and it was fairly quiet and the price cannot be beat.

This is a big lumber area and is what is truly a "working man's" community. The area seems to be going through some hard times with more pan-handlers than I have seen any place other than San Francisco.

Our Family Y membership really came in handy yesterday and today. We could not find a path or roads where we thought we could safely run or bike, so we worked out at the Y both days. An added benefit is that we are able to shower at the Y. Since we are boondocking, even though we have a small shower in our trailer, we do not like to use it. We do have a gas stove and our lights can run off battery power. We also have a small toilet, with a holding tank that is adequate for at least 3-5 days (maybe more but we have not tried that) on any of our trips.

This morning we drove about 20 miles to Ocean Shores and I think we are very spoiled with the beauty of the MS and FL beaches which are so close to home. Although the wave action makes the WA and OR coast very beautiful to view, I can't say much for actually spending time on these beaches. It could have something to do with the temperature being 56 degrees here this morning.

Tomorrow we will continue up Highway 101. We may have slim pickings as far as state or Federal campgrounds, but if we can't find an RV park/campground, we can usually find a safe spot to just pull over and sleep. This type of travel would not suit everyone, but Hollie and I have worked out most of the issues that we face and we manage to have a great time simply exploring areas.

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