Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Progress

On Tuesday I rededicated myself to my effort to get back into racing condition. For this to happen, I need to lose a few pounds and get back to a training plan and so far I am doing OK. It always amazes me how quickly my weight can go up and how slowly it comes down. Oh well, I am happy for any loss and will try not to complain about he slowness.

Back on August 22 my weight was 127.78. Then, the wheels came off. For a couple of days, we visited a friend who is a very good cook. Then, I had some other social eating challenges. By that I mean that we attended a couple of parties where there was a wonderful variety of very tasty foods. 

Those of you who have known me for any length of time know how much I love Blue Bell ice cream. I don't often buy it because if it is in the house, I will eat huge servings until it is gone. Monday evening I knew that I would be starting my "improved fitness effort" the next day. So, I figured I would go ahead and get it out of my system and have an ice cream fix so that I would not feel deprived as I entered my effort. I ate until I nearly made myself sick, but on Tuesday I was ready for the battle of the bulge and my return to training.

When I am involved in such an effort, I have to weigh each morning and keep track of my trend weight---a formula that involves smoothing of the weight curve instead of worrying about each day's weight. On Tuesday the trend was 130.25. Today I am at 129.78 so I am making progress.

I feel good about my exercise program. In addition to running the past four days, I have also done 2 Pilates and 1 yoga class, as well as two weight lifting sessions. I am getting back into the routine.

I am also wearing a pedometer and trying to keep my steps above 15,000 per day. Today, since I'm not going to run, will be hard to get that number.

Tomorrow will be a 6 mile run. I am actually looking forward to that!

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Robbie said...

You're doing well getting back going. You will be back normal before you know it. I hope your toe heals quickly. For me, I have to weigh often to keep it "in front of me" and be aware of what I'm eating. It can work against you because of water gain, any swelling from the heat and those kind of things. But I function better on daily weighing.