Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 1 of Grand Canyon Trip

We left Hattiesburg at about 9:00 am this morning and will work our way to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with an arrival date of October 16. On our way, we plan to spend a couple of days in Taos, Pagosa Spring and Durango. On October 18 we will meet up with our work crew at Phantom Ranch. If we are able to get a backcountry permit, Janie and Mason Honeycutt and I will start down on October 17 and spend 1 night at Indian Garden where we would like to do a sunset hike out to Plateau Point. The next day we would then hike into Phantom. Hopefully, that will work out, but I won't know until I get to the backcountry office on October 16.
This morning we had to make a side trip to Brandon, MS so that Hollie could get a computer installed on his Cattrike. That took about an hour which made us arrive late at the Antique Capital RV Park in Gladewater, TX. Because of that, we were not able to get in a workout. That's probably for the good since I haven't had a rest day in 10 days and after Tuesday's 3 hour walk on the steps and ramps of USM football stadium and a very slow 3 mile run yesterday, my body needs a break.

So far, we really do like our new 19 foot Scamp camper. It's amazing what a difference those 3 feet (our other Scamp was 16 feet) make. It is so nice to not have to convert the dinette into a bed each night. Right now, Hollie is setting at the dinette reading the paper and watching TV and I am in the loft playing on the computer. There is something to be said for a little bit of distance when we are spending so much time together.

I'm not sure where we will be tomorrow night. I do know that we will be getting off the interstate. We do drive so much slower than the traffic flow and we need to get out of the way of these speedsters. We also really enjoy seeing the sights of the "normal" countryside.

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Greg & Ilse said...

Becky: You mentioned a "work party". If you enjoying Scamping & volunteering + running & Colorado you might enjoy volunteering at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run ( the weekend after 4th of July in Silverton, CO.
... Greg
Boulder, CO