Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Durango, CO

Yesterday we left Taos, NM with the intention of staying in Pagosa Springs, CO for a couple of days. It has been several years since we were in Pagosa and it seems that during that time, many of the stores/businesses have shut down. It’s still an interesting town, but we just decided to continue on to Durango, CO where we are now at the Alpine Rose RV Park which is located about 6 or so miles North of Durango on Highway 550. This is a nice place and we will probably stay here for several days.
After arriving and getting the trailer set up, we drove back into town so we could walk/run on the Animis River Trail. I had planned on running 3-5 miles and I did get in 3.25 miles, but it was only because I did some walking between running segments. The elevation really kicked my butt and my heart rate was really high, so I just ran until I felt the need to walk and then walked until I was recovered enough to run again.
I also have a very sore gracilis (I think that’s what it is) muscle. The other night I experienced a cramp in that area and now it is quite sore. It seems to loosen up when walking and running but when I am still for any length of time such as when sitting, it hurts until I get moving. Hopefully, this is just a minor issue and will soon go away. Although, a couple of years ago I had such an injury that took months to heal.
In a bit, I plan to head out to Highway 550 and see if I can get in a better run. If not, I’ll do the walk/run routine for at least an hour. It is a beautiful day here in Durango.

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