Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning in Taos

After leaving Hattiesburg on Thursday, we drove to Gladewater, TX for the night and then on to Childress, TX for Friday night. On the way to Childress, we stopped at a Family Y in Amarillo, TX so that we could workout. I ran 5.25 miles and walked 1 mile on the treadmill and Hollie rode a stationary bike and did a weight lifiting workout. We then showered and headed to Childress. We boondocked, along with about 4 other RVs and dozens of big trucks. It was quite a night with winds 20-25 MPH and by morning gusts of 40 mph. We decided to spend some time in the McDonalds so that the front could clear before we started our journey toward Taos, NM.

We like to stay off interstates as much as possible and we were able to do that for much of the day as we were only on I-40 for a short time and then at Tucumcari, NM we drove to Las Vegas, NM. This is where Hollie got his Masters degree and worked as Assistant Basketball Coach at New Mexico Highlands University. We drove around the town and the college and then on to Taos. We could see that the mountains had a dusting of snow and when we drove over the pass, we saw quite a bit of it and we later learned that they had gotten 2-3 inches on Friday night and Saturday morning.

We are at the Taos Valley RV Park where we will stay for 1 or 2 more nights. Last night the temperature was in the high 20s/low 30s and when we turned on the furnace, it worked fine. Then it went off. I thought it would cycle back on, but it did not.  So, we headed out to the Wal-mart where we purchased a small electric heater and we were cozy and warm for the night.

As usual, this is another beautiful day in Taos. At 10:00 am the temperature is about 50 degrees, but when in the sun it feels quite nice. We will soon go out for our exercise and then spend the rest of the day checking out the area. We have been in Taos dozens of times and we always find something to do or see that is new and interesting.

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Bill K said...

If your furnace is not even starting the fan, pull the 12v fuse that is for the furnace and put it back in.

Mine stopped once and this is what I did to reset it.

Bill Kelleher