Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Biking, Walking & Weights

Today's weather was miserable and I needed to bike so I used an upright stationary bike at the Y. Knowing how crowded the Y is for the first couple of weeks of the year, I needed to get there before the working people came in. The problem was that I had some minor dental surgery done around noon and I needed to wait to be sure the bleeding had stopped and the numbness to go away. By the time I was ready to workout, I was also very hungry, so I ate a soft energy bar and had a cafe au lait. Then I had to wait for that to settle.

 It was close to 3:30 pm when I got to the Y, but there was a bike available. I rode for about 65 minutes and figure that equates to about 15 miles outside. I kept my heart rate in my training zone and got a very good workout. By the time I finished the bike my legs were trashed. I have found that if I walk a mile or so, they recover well. I did a slow 1.5 miles and then I did weights and rehab exercises and stretches.

The total workout for the day was 136 minute. After 2 days, My average is 102 and a half minutes per day. I like to do more than 100 minutes on the days when I am feeling good so I can pad the average for those days when I don't feel so good or life gets in the way.

I'm feeling good about the Challenge and I am motivated to finish. I think it will be easier to pile on the minutes once I start yoga and Pilates classes a couple of days a week. I may try to go to Pilates tomorrow, followed by a run. I'd like to go outside to run, but if it's like today, I will be inside.

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