Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Variety of Activities

Day three of the challenge and I certainly did a variety of activities. I always like the yoga or Pilates days because the time really adds up and if I am also doing a cardio activity, I can continue to pad the minutes as I know from experience there will be some days when it will take extreme effort to get the 30 minute minimum.

I started the workout with a Pilates class. The class is supposed to be 45-60 minutes, depending on who is teaching. Today, it was close to 60 minutes, but since there were a couple of new people, the instructor did a lot of talking so I figure it was worth about 45 minutes.

I then changed into my running clothes and headed upstairs to do my cardio which would be walking and running. The past two running days I have done 3 continuous miles. On Tuesday my pace was 11:52 and today it was 11:40. I will get faster. I also walked 1 mile. The total time was 57 minutes. After running, I always do some rehab weight lifting and stretches. These usually take about 20 minutes and that's what it was today.

For day three I totaled 122 minutes which gives me an average of 109. Last year I averaged 106 for the 100 days and although my goal is 100 minutes, I am such a competitor that I want to beat last year's number.

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