Sunday, January 6, 2013

Too Much Stress

If you read my blog from our Alaska trip, you may recall that our home was struck by lightning while we were away. We knew about it, but did not know the damage. There was nothing we could do except continue to enjoy our trip and deal with it when we got home. The damage was somewhere in the range of $22,000 including having to replace the kitchen tile and the faux finish on our deck.

We arrived home in mid August and we are still dealing with it. We knew we had to buy at least one  new TV (maybe 2) so we waited until Black Friday and saved about $150 on each TV. We then went to the Florida Keys for a month and arrived home the week before Christmas. It has taken nearly 3 weeks to get Mclellends and Comcast to take care of the final repairs, hookups, etc. Mclellends kept one of our old TVs for over 5 weeks and still had not repaired it. I was finally able to get the insurance to sign off for me to buy a new one ( which I had already bought)

Next, for over a week we have been playing games with Comcast. In anticipation of their appointment, we unpacked both TVs. Surprise, Surprise! One of them looked like it had been hit with a ball or a bat or something. The screen was a mess. So, back we go to Target to return that one. Guess what? They did not have it in stock, so we drove to another Target to get one. You don't want to know how far we drove.

Back to the Comcast story. They have not shown up for 3 appointments which means we got a total of $60 credit toward our bill, but we still do not have our TVs connected. We have an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, they will show up and we will finally be done with this ordeal.

As far as my 100 Day Challenge goes, I am still in and doing fine. I just did not post because of all the stress. On Friday, I worked our for 125 minutes. Although yesterday was low in minutes, it was good because it was a run. I ran 3 miles and walked 1.5. Today was 120 minutes of elliptical trainer, walking weights and stretching.

Cross you fingers that Comcast shows, that our TVs work and that we are done with our ordeal of a lightning strike.

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