Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Falls, MT

It is now 9:15 pm and the sun has not yet set in Great Falls, MT. We spent last night in Hardin, MT and it rained all night. We were dry and snug in our Scamp. During the drive from Hardin to Great Falls, we made a stop in Harlowtown for cookies and coffee. This is a very small, old town that is quickly becoming even smaller. The business district consisted of about 4 blocks. While we were walking the town we heard hymns being played over the loudspeaker of a church. Earlier I had commented to Hollie about how many cars there were on the streets, but how quiet it was. We looked down the street toward the church and saw that there was a funeral in progress. Later when I was in a quilt shop, the owner told me it was a service for a man who died just weeks prior to his 100th BD. She said that he had already bought his elk tag in preparation for going hunting.

It is very windy here and that made for a not so pleasant run. The RV park where we are staying is a few blocks from the Missouri river which is somewhat out of its banks. We did find a trail that ran along the river for a short distance and connected to sidewalks. It is usually difficult to find places to run since we have not ever been to these towns. I walked 1.25 miles and ran 4 miles.

Tomorrow we will be entering Canada. We have no idea where we will stop or how long we will stay; we're just going on up the road and will eventually get to Alaska. We are enjoying the journey.

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