Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hardin, MT

Today was a shorter drive than what we've been doing. We left Casper, WY at about 8:00 am and stopped for a couple of hours in Buffalo, WY. This is a neat town with lots of "wild west" history. This area has been experiencing quite a bit of rain and that added to the increased snow melt this year has caused some flooding, with more expected. In Buffalo, many of the businesses had sand bags at the ready in anticipation of a rise in the river (can't remember the name of the river) and more rain.

We had originally thought we would make it to Billings, but decided to stop earlier so that we could get our workouts done before the rain. That was a good decision in that it has been raining for the past hour. We are in Hardin, MT at an RV park that is near the high school. I haven't done a speed workout in nearly a month and decided that I'd check out the track. Even though there was a light rain, I hit the track for a mile and 2 half miles @ 8:50 pace. The total workout was 4.25 miles of running and 2 miles walking.

A couple of you have asked for details about the weather. Yesterday's high was about 70 and last night the low was 45 and today's high was about 60. The humidity yesterday was less than 10%. Eat your heart out!

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