Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boon docking in Soldatna

The term boon docking or dry camping means that we are somewhere without electric, water or sewer. We are cheap and we like to do this whenever possible. Here in Alaska, it is very easy because there are dump stations where we can empty our gray and black water tanks and fill up our water tank. For us, this works well except that right now our gas furnace is not working. When the night temperature is 38-45, it is a little difficult to force myself out of bed in the morning. As long as I'm under my two blankets, it's OK. Anyway, the furnace is still under warranty and we have an appointment to get it checked out tomorrow.

Yesterday we were in the Soldatna Mcdonalds and we met a couple from TN. The guy was a retired elementary principal and the woman was a retired nurse. Their travel routes, interests and places where they had stayed and planned to visit were very similar to ours so we spent over an hour discussing things. We plan to meet up with them next week.It is really interesting and fun to meet people our age who are having as much fun and who are as free spirited as we are or are becoming.

Since we are not at a campground (we stayed last night in the Fred Meyer parking lot with 40-50 close friends) we tried to find a place to shower. I read that the Soldatna Sports Center (a Hockey facility) had free showers. So, we parked there and did our workouts along the very nice asphalt trail that connecst Soldatna and Kenai When we got back to the building, we were told that they were getting ready to close because staff was attending a meeting. I had also read that there was a car wash and laundry that also had showers that cost $3.50 for 10 minutes. We went there and the female owner was there and not only did they have very clean showers with very hot water, but she also had a paperback book exchange. We'll be going back there after today's workout and I'll then post a picture of the place.

We will be in this area at least until Saturday when we will do a 5K race. It is sponsored by the Rotary and the entry fee is $50 for a family. Last year we entered our grandchildren and we ended up with 5 long sleeve shirts and 5 pair of socks. Quite a bang for the buck!

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Tony Mozingo said...

Am loving your reports. Keep on writing.