Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seward, AK

After staying three nights at a Forest Service campground about 25 miles out of Seward, we are now at the Stony Creek RV Park about 5 miles out of town. It is nice to be able to get a shower and have internet service. 

We have been on the road since June 9 and it has not been difficult to get in my usual running, but it has been difficult to train. Finally, the past two weeks have been good for training. I have done 3 speed workouts and 2 long runs of 7 miles for total weekly mileage of 29.75 and 31.75. Two of the speed sessions were good, with each being at an 8:40 pace. The other one was just not good. Today I found the Seward HS track and did 1 mile, .75, .5, and .25 at that pace with a .25 walk between each speed segment.

The temperature was 51 degrees when I started the workout at about 11:00 am. I wore long tights, and a LS shirt, wind breaker and gloves for the WU. I then changed to a SS shirt for the speed part of the workout. With a light wind, I was dressed just right. As I was finishing the workout, a mist rolled in and I could not see the mountain that runners will be going up and down tomorrow. This is the Mount Marathon which is only 3-3.5 miles in distance by gains 3000 feet elevation up to the halfway point. Then, the runners, walkers, crawlers have to come back down. The weather forecast for tomorrow is 90% chance of rain and temps of about 50. I wanted to get lots of pictures, but we may be watching it form the comfort of our truck.

We had originally planned to stay in Seward for a week, but decided to only stay 4 nights. There is so much in Alaska that we want to see and experience so we will shorten our stay here. We really wanted to be here for the Seward July 4th run, parade and other festivities. The town is packed with people!

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