Friday, July 20, 2012

Now in Homer, Alaska


Before we left Soldotna, AK yesterday morning, we stopped by the Skyview HS and I got in a good speed workout. This is not the track I ran on last week that had all the mystery/incorrect markings, but it also had issues. There were frost heaves in most of the lanes, but only lane one was so bad that I had to stay away from it. I ran a total of 4.5 miles and walked 1.75. The speed consisted of 6 x 400 @ 2:08 with a 400 jog recovery.

This school is located in a beautiful area with cross country trails overlooking the school. In fact, they have a series of 5K trail runs for 5 consecutive Wednesday evenings. I had considered doing that event, but I really needed a speed workout more than I needed a trail run. After I finished the workout, I did walk part of the trail and saw that it was lighted for cross country skiing. Here in Alaska, they would need lights because of the lack of sun during the Winter. I think they have the Alaska state cross country championship on this course. It would be perfect, for such an event. The surface was dirt and grass, with the trail having several changes in elevation as it worked its way through the woods.

We are staying just outside Homer at an RV park overlooking the bay, with the mountains in the background. Our spot is such that when we sit at our dining table, we have a great view. It is hand’s down, the best view that we have had at any campground. I have included pictures. We will stay here at least two nights.

This morning’s weather forecast called for rain so we tried to get out early and do our workout. Hollie wanted to go to a track. Last year I had attempted to run on the middle school track, but it was pretty bad. We went over and checked it out and it was even worse than last year. I knew that the high school track had been condemned in 2008, but I also knew they were going to rebuild it this year. We went by the check it out and sure enough it was under construction. That meant that we would do our workouts on the Homer Spit which has a hike and bike trail. I had run on it last year and it is a beautiful area, with wildflowers all along the trail and great views of the bay and the surrounding mountains. I ran 4 miles and walked 1 mile. As I was doing my stretching, I noticed that a huge bald eagle was high up on a light tower, observing me.

Tomorrow we will hit the road, but we’re not sure where we will be for the next few days. We do want to go back to Valdez, but may take our time getting there.

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