Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meeting Up With Friends

Our friends Janie and Mason Honeycutt, along with two of their friends are also here in Alaska. Janie is a running friend from Houston. She and I used to train together during our lunch/conference periods when we were coaching at schools that were about 1.5 mile apart. We also ran the Boston Marathon together in the late 1970s.We have been staying in contact and hoped to meet up with them at some point. This morning they called and we made arrangements to meet them at The Moose is Loose Bakery in Soldatna. We visited for about an hour and then they continued on to Seward and we are still in Soldatna. Hollie is now our for a bike ride and I've been spending some time in a very nice outdoor store where I found a camp sleeping pad that would work very well for my time on the ground in the Grand Canyon. I'll think about it and maybe go back and buy.

We are once again staying the night at the Real Alaska campground where this morning we had another visit by the moose and her calves. I tried for more pictures, but they made it into the woods before I could get close enough. They'll probably be back tonight.

Tomorrow we will try to get the furnace repaired and then we will stay in this area at least until Saturday when we will run a 5K race.

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